Enrollment and Pricing

Tumblebus is a year round program that runs for 47 weeks (we
also have a program that is 35 weeks for daycares that take the
summer off). We begin the day after Labor Day each September
and we follow most daycare holidays and closures.

This is a tuition based, skill progression program with a limited
number of spaces per class. Your enrollment guarantees your
child his/her place in the class. Tumblebus is an ongoing program.
Once you are enrolled we will be taking your child EVERY week
and you will be charged on the 10th of each month, unless you
call our office or email us to discontinue. Classes will still be
charged for any child who has not been formally withdrawn from
the program

  • $36.00 per month *Annual Registration Fee $30.00.  Your child will receive a T-shirt. **2nd sibling $10 off tuition; 3rd siblings are free.
  • $300 Pay in Full (or $400 for year round program) *No Registration Fee + T-shirt & Free Gift. **2nd sibling $90/120 off; 3rd siblings are free.