TUMBLEBUS is a full sized colorful yellow school bus that has been converted into a safe, climate controlled, fun bus for children walking toddler – 8 years of age filled with gymnastic equipment bringing fitness to children at childcare centers, preschools, church schools, birthday parties, corporate events and more. The bus is fully padded and filled with top of the line equipment and fun things to help children learn basic tumbling skills, helps improve physical fitness. ┬áThe TUMBLEBUS program will help build your child’s self-confidence and enhances physical, motor development and strength.

The TUMBLEBUS Features: Padded Walls & Floors, Climate Controlled Atmosphere, Mini Parallel Bars, Mini Slide, Monkey Bars, Zip Line, Tunnels, Inclines, Tumbling Mats, Balance Beam, Mini Trampoline, Vaulting Board, Rings, Ropes, Balls, Bean Bags, Parachute, Climbing Mountain Wall

TUMBLEBUS is a national program offered in many states that teaches thousands of kids each week. Our goal is to raise each child’s self confidence level by encouraging them to go beyond their own expectations and perceived limitations.

TUMBLEBUS helps develop each child’s physical ability and coordination which will carry over into other sports activities.